IPL - Finally say goodbye to unwanted hair!

Intense Pulsed Light (known as IPL) is an alternative to conventional hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving and other non permanent forms of hair removal.

Similar to laser hair removal – A course of IPL treatments is perfect for permanently reducing (with proven results) unwanted hair. But IPL can also treat a number of skin conditions.

It is a safe, effective none invasive treatment with no down time. Our skinbase system also includes a ‘cryo’ handset to cool the area before treatment. The Skinbase IPL technology system handset has the largest surface spot area in the industry providing a fast and effective treatment. This combination makes it more comfortable than other forms of hair removal (such as waxing, laser, electrolysis etc).

Due to the body’s hair growth cycle a course of treatments (typically 6-10) is needed to ensure we can reach all active growing hairs to give that permanent hair reduction, leading to no more waxing, plus an end to constant shaving and skin irritations.

Contact us today to arrange a free suitability check to discuss (with no obligation) if the treatment is suitable for you. To begin your suitability assessment just fill in your contact details here and we will send you the assessment check list.

To ensure your skin copes well with the treatment your first appointment will consist of a patch test – the cost of this is then deducted from your first full treatment.

IPL Treatment Area Single treatment price

Discounted Block of 3 Treatments

Pre Paid

Patch test £10 – Refunded on first full treatment
Face & Neck
Upper top lip £39 £99 (save £18)
Chin £45 £115 (save £20)
Upper Lip and chin £59 £149 (save £28)
Between brows £24 £59 (save £13)
Other face areas Available on request
Arms & Legs
Underarms £59 £149 (save £28)
Full forearms £119 £299 (save £58)
Half forearms £99 £249 (save £48)
Half leg inc knee £139 £339 (save £78)
Full leg £199 £449 (save £148)
Hands or fingers £49 £129 (save £18)
Feet and toes £69 £179 (save £28)
Other arm/leg areas Available on request
Body Areas
Basic Bikini £69 £179 (save £28)
Advanced Bikini £79 £199 (save £38)
Brazilian Bikini £89 £219 (save £48)
Buttock £99 £249 (save £48)
Stomach Line £55 £139 (save £26)
Shoulders £79 £199 (save £38)
Upper or lower back £110 £279 (save £51)
Full back £190 £475 (save £95)
Chest £110 £275 (save £55)
Abdomen £110 £275 (save £55)
Other body areas Available on request

Discounts may be applied when more than one treatment at any one appointment

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