Our hands often take the hit when it comes to wear and tear, with chipped nails, calluses and blisters a regular feature for most of us. However, we want to give your hands some love in the form of a calming and relaxing manicure.

Treating your Hands and Nails

We offer a great choice of manicure treatments, from a gel polish manicure to luxury spa style treatment, the speedy buff and go and our nail strengthening treatment to combat weak and peeling nails.

Express Gelesse gives you the advantage of the quick dry of Gel Polish Manicure but the removal of a regular polish so it is more ideal for those that can only wear polish for a shorter period of time.

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The IBX Treatment

IBX is a penetrating toughening treatment that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate natural strength under any Gel Polish Coating or as a stand alone manicure, enabling you to have longer, stronger natural nails.  A course of treatments is recommended to get ongoing stronger nails.

Discounts can be applied on some Treatments by our Junior Therapist – please contact us for details.


Hand & Nail Nourishing Manicure Treatment
From £25
Buff, Shape & Go
From £17
IBX Manicure Nail Strengthening Treatment From £18
(discounts may be applied on some combined or block treatment appointments)

Discounts may be applied when more than one treatment at any one appointment

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