How is your skin looking these days?

🔍   Dry?   🔍   Dull?   🔍   Sluggish?   🔍   Irritated?   🔍   Dehydrated?   🔍   Oily?   🔍   Spotty?   🔍   Sensitive?

It is apparent that clients are concerned more and more with the effect that ageing and the environment has on their skin and therefore becoming more aware of the need for appropriate skin care.  There is so much information available these days on the internet about skin issues, treatments and products that it is so difficult to know what their skin needs and what product are right for them.

That is where my job has become so much more important to you guys.

I have been qualified in skin care for almost 20 years now and I have seen so much improvement of products, what can be done with professional salon skincare treatments, and on the downside the increase in the issues that the lifestyle and environment issues are causing.

The number of clients that have come in to see me in recent times, to discover that the products they are using are actually causing some of their skin issues and not solving their problem at all. This has lead me to really dig deep with these clients to work out with them what their underlying skin issues are, how long these issues have been building up and what they can do to get their skin care back in shape!

Our skin constantly changes with the time of year, change of health, change of environment and age etc and we therefore need to change what we use on our skin and how we treat the skin to keep on top of those changes.

My own skins need have been far from straight forward over the years and I know that without professional research and keeping on top of what my skin needs from products, and beauty treatments, and how I care for it, that my skin would be far from what it is now.
I am not afraid to say – hitting the menopause has affected my skin in so many ways, feeling dry and itchy, looking dull, redness from hot flushes, uneven skin pigmentation and over reacts to products that it never did before. Never mind the onset of fine lines and wrinkles!
So I have had to up my skincare game accordingly.

How I would like to help you is to do regular articles on what you can do to help to keep your skin issues at bay.

So what I would like you guys to do – let me know what skin issues you are having? What problems you want your products to solve? What is frustrating you about your skin?

What you would like the articles to cover? Send your challenges my way.

Feel free to message me here with your questions – which ever you prefer but the more problems you present me with the better 😁.

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Lots of love.

Theresa x x 💕